September 20, 2021: Bitcoin is humanity’s best tool for freedom and self-sovereignty. To overcome some of its necessary trade-offs, we have Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC), a layer-2 implementation on the Liquid Network. Besides the combined security, usability, and speed of the Bitcoin-Liquid framework, L-BTC provides increased  privacy with Confidential Transactions. And in turn, this ensures stronger resistance against censorship and threats to fungibility. 

TDEX is now levelling up its game, further enhancing decentralized trading on the Liquid Network. Trustless and non-custodial BTC to L-BTC conversion is available for the masses, via the ‘peg-in’ functionality of the TDEX app. Thanks to its minimalistic and intuitive design, Bitcoin peg-in becomes an easy and hassle-free experience even for non-technical users. 

Everyone deserves privacy and autonomy. TDEX is all for this principle, of which the implementation of Bitcoin peg-in yet another expression.

As the TDEX protocol evolves, it is getting easier  to access cutting-edge, robust, and privacy-prioritized technology. The best is yet to come, but the journey so far has been promising. In about a year since its release, the TDEX white paper is already available in 7 major languages. Here you can learn more about how the protocol leverages the privacy-enhancing aspects of the Liquid Network.

Confidential transactions are primary among these features, which enables TDEX to facilitate confidential Atomic Swaps. Plus, the protocol facilitates Custom Market Making strategies, introducing a new paradigm in decentralised trading. 

Presently, we are only witnessing  the beginning of free finance, looking ahead, towards its bright future. A future that is open, accessible, and unstoppable; possibilities are endless. For one, the best of TDEX is yet to come, and this is only the beginning. Explore the TDEX Network, contribute to its making, and innovate using its open-source code. And last but not least, stay tuned for the next releases. 


About TDEX 

TrueDEX is the first-of-its-kind atomic-swap decentralised exchange (DEX) protocol built on the Liquid Network. It is a community-oriented, open-source solution that aims to become the framework for a fast and secure trading experience and a secondary market for Liquid Assets. 


About the Liquid Network 

The Liquid Network is an Elements-based Bitcoin sidechain. As a settlement network for traders and exchanges, it enables fast, secure, and truly confidential transactions alongside the issuance of digital assets. A globally distributed federation verifies transactions on the network, thus eliminating any single-point-of-failure and ensuring optimal reliability. To learn more, visit their official website