True Decentralized Trading Lands on Android & iOS Devices

Malta, July 20, 2021: The future is open, free, and unstoppable: In 2008, this message was carved in stone with the release of the Bitcoin white paper. The global bitcoin community has come a long way since then, surging atop a wave of innovations. Decentralisation, privacy, and autonomy have emerged as keystone elements of distributed finance. But in spite of all that, a disbalance is waiting to be addressed.

Developers and professionals are leveraging robust and secure innovations, unlike ever before. Ordinary users, however, find a majority of these solutions inaccessible; they often have to compromise security and privacy for a better user experience. A financial revolution is unfolding on the Liquid Network—an Elements-based Bitcoin sidechain—but many are somehow deprived of this promising paradigm.

As a dedicated community-oriented protocol, TDEX strives to bridge this gap. To this end, Liquid Network’s revolutionary decentralised exchange, TDEX, is now accessible through a hybrid mobile app, featuring a minimal and intuitive UI.

We are entering a new financial paradigm, where advanced functionalities are also available for newbies and non-techies.

● The app is devoted to the community’s holistic empowerment, and prioritises the self-sovereignty and autonomy of end-users.

● A non-custodial design architecture and data flow ensures utmost privacy-prioritisation; users retain complete control over their assets, data, and private keys while storing, transferring, and trading Liquid Assets.

In the TDEX white paper—now available in 6 languages—you can find the details of how the protocol adopts the Liquid Network’s privacy-enhancing aspects, primarily, Blinding. Thanks to these features, TDEX enables confidential Atomic Swaps, among other functionalities. Additionally, the provision for implementing Custom Market Making strategies ushers unprecedented possibilities in decentralised trading.

By using the TDEX app, you will be able to access the TDEX protocol for depositing, withdrawing, and exchanging Liquid Assets anytime, anywhere. Besides connecting to liquidity providers participating on the TDEX protocol globally, be assured of zero monitoring and full privacy.

Last but not least, the TDEX app has a fully open-source code base, just like the underlying protocol. You can check every claim for yourself, as well as create custom solutions on top of the TDEX protocol. So, pioneers, explore the new frontier. Go ahead! Discover TDEX Network and unleash the power of distributed finance.


About TDEX

TrueDEX is the first-of-its-kind atomic-swap decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol built on the Liquid Network. It is a community-oriented, open-source solution that aims to become the framework for a fast and secure trading experience and a secondary market for Liquid Assets.


About the Liquid Network

The Liquid Network is an Elements-based bitcoin sidechain. As a settlement network for traders and exchanges, it enables fast, secure, and truly condential transactions, alongside the issuance of digital assets. A globally distributed federation verifies transactions on the network, thus eliminating any single-point-of-failure and ensuring optimal reliability. To learn more, visit their official website.