June 05, 2023: TDEX now has an intuitive dashboard, providing a unified interface for liquidity providers to manage their markets, asset pairs, and earnings hassle-free. Now available on Umbrel and Start9 marketplaces.

Financial freedom is becoming the norm, thanks to open-source innovations. The idea is that everyone should be able to use cutting-edge technologies, no matter who or where they are.

If we, amateurs or pros, can freely access world-changing technology, we can all take what’s rightfully our due. No one needs giveaways in a kingdom of self-sovereign individuals where freedom and privacy—our most natural rights—prevail.

Bitcoin proved this vision of a free and open world is achievable, not utopian. And TDEX makes good on this promise. It provides the tools for financial freedom, helping you thoroughly enjoy the freedom to create and utilize value on your terms.

TDEX is all for an equitable financial future where only you decide what happens to your money—no central authority, no third-party intermediary. But although anyone could easily swap bitcoin and liquid assets using the TDEX App, mainly coders could become liquidity providers so far.

However, non-tech savvy users usually couldn’t become market makers on TDEX unless they learned how to use a Common Line Interface (CLI). This hampered financial inclusion, going against the TDEX community’s core principles.

Not anymore! TDEX gets a new, intuitive dashboard, making life easier for liquidity providers. You no longer have to trade security for ease of access—the dashboard combines them.


Some things you can do with this new interface:

  • Create new markets.

  • Check account balance and total earnings.

  • Deposit and withdraw funds.

  • View active and paused markets.

  • Access granular user settings.

TDEX was always a fast and secure way to leverage trustless bitcoin peg-in and trade liquid assets. Now it is also super accessible for all users: traders, market makers, coders, and non-coders.

TDEX is available on privacy-preserving platforms like Start9 Community Marketplace ( community market URL //community-beta-registry.start9.com) and Umbrel App Store. This provides a cost-effective and integrated way of using TDEX on your Umbrel and Start9 nodes, along with a full suite of self-hosted applications. In addition, it allows individuals to easily opt out of Big Tech’s cloud services, taking complete control of their digital and financial lives.

Check out the dashboard today and witness freestyle finance in action. Jump right in.


About TDEX 

T(True)DEX is the first-of-its-kind atomic-swap-based decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol built on the Liquid Network. It is a community-oriented, open-source solution that aims to become the framework for fast and secure cyberspace for crypto-users and a secondary market for Liquid Assets. TDEX facilitates liquidity generation leveraging Bitcoin’s security but mitigates its privacy and fungibility shortcomings, thus strengthening the foundation for Liquid Finance (LiFi)—the Liquid Network’s version of Decentralised Finance (DeFi).